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It all started with a humble dream. Ever since I was a kid, I adored cute things, be it plushies, stationery, decor items, bags, jewellery or literally anything! I've always hoped for one place where I could get all of that without burning a hole in my purse just on all the shipping charges from different shops. Not only that, I've always wished that there was a safe space that could make sure I wasn't paying for some bad quality items after experiencing many disappointing shopping experiences. With this thought in mind, POOF! There's the birth of The Coote Store. With this new beginning, I have also decided to include pet items because our furbabies definitely deserve to be part of the cute club too! 


We proudly support the "Adopt, Don't Shop" campaign and would love to give back and be part of the movement by donating a part of our profits to one of our Malaysian animal shelter in Setia Alam, My Pets Haven. Do check them out on instagram @mypetshaven! They take coote professional photographs of animals they have rescued and nurtured that are up for adoption. As a good start to support them, we will be donating RM1 for every pet product sold! So now, you can do your part while shopping for your furkids! 


We strive to provide a comfortable shopping experience for all our customers no matter for pet items or gift for others. Every listed product is tested, tried and checked to minimize any faulty as we aim to provide product quality guarantee so that every customer is satisfied upon receiving their orders. We appreciate and value every customer and hope to have a long-term relationship with y'all. One of our traits that we are proud of is that we emphasize quite much on the unpacking experience for each person receiving the item. Feel free to request for a personalized note if you're planning to send your ordered package straight to the person you're gifting to! So if you're impressed upon opening your package, it would be great pleasure for us to be featured on any of your social media platforms. Don't forget to tag us and hashtag #thecootestore! 

Not only that, we also offer a reasonable return policy that you should check out here.


Many asked what does "coote" mean? Or how to even pronounce it. Well the word "coote" was accidentally created by a slip of a tongue when mumbling the word as many of you would have guessed.. "cute"! And it is pronounced as "c-o-o-t" as in how an owl would utter "hoot"! Many mispronounce it as "c-o-o-t-i-e" but I don't see a problem on that, still sounds cute! Or should I say coote!


Every now and then, there will be useful how-to articles or some inspiring stories posted on our blog column for you cootiepies! If you're able to relate to a certain post or find them useful for you, don't hesitate to be generous on your likes and shares! Thank you cootiepies in advance for that!


So as a wrap, welcome to The Coote Store! We are excited for you to be part of our coote journey. To begin, subscribe to our emails to know the upcoming promotions and surprise box themes, and not to forget to dive into our blog column! ARE YOU READY TO BE A COOTIEPIE? Sign up as a member now to enjoy birthday discounts and many more!