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Nattypetz Anti-bacterial Shampoo

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Wondering which pet shampoo to get for your fur babies? Don't hesitate to try one of these anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-odour pet shampoo for your dogs and cats. This Singapore product kills 99.99% of ALL BACTERIA & FUNGUS because it is infused with ROZINCO which is a super zinc oxide solution. Comes in Lavender and Tea Spa scent. 500mL. 

NattyPetz® is a trusted authority in smart pet care solutions. NattyPetz® has incorporated Rozinco Technology, to protect your pet products from the damaging effects of stain and odour causing bacteria commonly found on the surface of common pet products. Rozinco, unlike other Antibacterial agents, kills bacteria on contact by rupturing bacteria cell walls. It has been proven in the labs of Institute of Biotechnology and Nanotechnology (IBN) in Singapore. Rozinco, Our Zinc Oxide enhancement process is patented worldwide. Rozinco is certified by Tuv-Sud (an international body). It is proven to be safe, gentle, non-irritant and non-toxic to the skin of human and pets. It does not cause allergies and is a skin protectant.